Friendship Harbor Mysteries

Murder Drama With Your Llama
Friendship Harbor Mysteries | Book 1

Liquor, lies and llamas in a town called Friendship... what could possibly go wrong?

Out-of-work actress Sophie LaFleur is ready for a scene change.

When she discovers she’s inherited both a house and pub in quaint Friendship Harbor, Maine, she’s thrilled.

This is exactly what she needs— fresh start, fresh air and fresh faces.

What she doesn’t need is a trouble causing llama named Jack Kerouac or a hunky, disinterested pub manager who just so happens to live in her guesthouse.

Just when you think it can’t possibly get worse, it does.

Two words. Dead. Guy.

Now the new girl in town is public enemy number #2. The honor of #1 currently belongs to her inherited ornery llama, which just so happens to be the suspect in the death of a well loved, elderly man.

Except Sophie quickly learns he isn’t as well loved as she first thought. She also suspects that his death might not have been at the foot of her cantankerous llama.

Sophie didn’t leave the theatrics of L.A. just to be caught up in llama drama... or a murder investigation.

Llama See That Evidence
Friendship Harbor Mysteries | Book 2

As ex-actress Sophie LaFleur settles into her new role as pub owner, her past gig as an amateur sleuth keeps sneaking into her current reality. Local gossip and a cryptic message have her on a new case and this time, it's personal. Rumor has it her grammy killed none other than Sophie’s grandfather back in the eighties.

That’s a plot twist straight out of Hollywood.

But this murder isn’t scripted.

Nor is the dead body in the wall of her guesthouse.

Which results in her difficult and oh-so gorgeous bar manager staying with her and Jack Kerouac, her often pesky but loveable llama. With a list of suspects reading like a casting call for reality TV, Sophie has to pick through all the lies and secrets in Friendship Harbor.

Who could imagine moving to a small town in Maine could be filled with so much evidence of murder? And this time, the mystery is a family affair...

Solving Llamageddon and the Alpacalypse
Friendship Harbor Mysteries | Book 3

Missing: One 350lb llama. White, loves peppermint candies and answers to the name Jack Kerouac.

When Sophie LaFleur left Hollywood and her acting career for the quaint, coastal town of Friendship Harbor, Maine, she expected ocean breezes, friendly neighbors and a relaxing way of life. What she didn’t expect was the theft of her beloved, pet llama--but then again, she never expected quite so much murder either. And L.A. was supposed to be dangerous.

Fortunately, her llama is found alive and well–stolen by a competitive 4-H Club mom, who wants her daughter to win a blue ribbon in the local fair’s animal competitions. But Sophie soon discovers its a world with a dark underbelly, full of stolen farm animals, pay offs and even murder.

And when she stumbles upon a body, the victim apparently killed in the pursuit of a coveted college scholarship, she realizes she is up to her neck in more than manure. She’s got a murderer on the loose.

And they say acting is competitive.

Fa La La La Llama
Friendship Harbor Mysteries | Book 4

It’s time to deck the halls! The holidays have arrived in Friendship Harbor, Maine and pub owner Sophie LaFleur is eager for the extra tourism money to save her struggling business. With her pet llama the star of the school Christmas pageant, Fleece Navidad, and a pub holiday party in the works, it’s going to be a holiday to remember.

Especially when the out-of-town choral vocalist staying in Sophie’s guesthouse is found dead. She’s hit her last high note, and now it's up to Sophie to solve her murder while ensuring everyone in town is having a holly jolly good time.